Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Mural In Progress

This mural is on my dining room wall. I want to assure any of those who are like myself when it comes to plagurism...I hate it. However, as a learning tool we all know that to learn from those you admire is a challenge and a gift. This painting is not for reproduction or for sale. Upon sale of my house we will paint over it (that is if we ever sell). I have learned a tremendous amount about scale, figurative expressionism, and color. These faces have been created almost entirely from the purple spectrum...a color I never would have associated with skin tone and now I can't get enough of. I have grown more in the few weeks I have been working on this mural than I have in the last year. I send my thanks to Juarez Machado and hope that he would be flattered with my attempts to learn at his canvas.


  1. I found this very interesting painting, I was surprised
    that has been done by Juarez Machado, adimiro artist that much,
    but the many years I do not see their work.
    Congratulations for having the opportunity to improve their knowledge in this screen.
    Best rigards

  2. Bondearte, I hope you understand that the mural is painted by me and not Machado. It is inspired by him only. I love to paint in the style of peoples work I love in order to learn as much as I can. Then I take what I learn about technique and apply it to my own art in my own style and subject matter.

    Thank you for your comments,