Monday, August 17, 2009

"Life's Illusion" - A working title

Finally having finished my latest work I feel relieved and pleased with the end result. Most of my work gives the impression of positive emotions, exploring the more upbeat aspects of human nature. I consider my work to be the visual respit needed when confronted with art designed to inflame and/or evoke other more intense emotional responses. However my new work wanted to be expressed in a less than positive light. The imagery demanded to be painted honestly. The male figure is portrayed as coveting what he believes to be perfection (possibilities of perfection include her as a woman or perhaps an artistic /musical ideal). This illusion is strengthened by her desire to extended the illusion for as long as possible. The clock above them is the constant reminder that all illusions have a time limit. Ultimately we see behind the masks we wear. Having been so blunt with the painting I do wish to state that while we all want to present to the world the "mask" of perfection, strength and confidence often our flaws are what set us apart and make us interesting. In new relationships (in whichever form they take) when the "honeymoon" phase ends is when the real fun begins!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Time, Heat and a Mural in Progress

It has been a long time since I left a post and for those of you who have been diligent in hounding me for more blogs and more art, I thank you. I have been inundated as of late with work, a soaring heat wave, the unending desire to procrastinate, and an imaginary muse who left on vacation for a cooler climate. I think her imaginary note said Arizona!

As for art...did you know that acrylic paint dries almost instantly in 90 degree weather let alone 112 degree. I have lost paint still in the tube!! Awe well, life goes on.
I am working on a mural designed to be as close a replica of Juarez Machado as I can make. I am taking my year off to explore alternate techniques and color palattes. I find this man's work to be both difficult and beyond inspiring. I am of the opinion that he should be considered one of the great "Masters" of our day. If you are unfamiliar with his work I am adding a link to my sidebar.

For other images of the mural in close up please scroll below this post. I will continue to add images of the mural in progress as the weather allows.

More blogging to follow...

A Mural In Progress

This mural is on my dining room wall. I want to assure any of those who are like myself when it comes to plagurism...I hate it. However, as a learning tool we all know that to learn from those you admire is a challenge and a gift. This painting is not for reproduction or for sale. Upon sale of my house we will paint over it (that is if we ever sell). I have learned a tremendous amount about scale, figurative expressionism, and color. These faces have been created almost entirely from the purple spectrum...a color I never would have associated with skin tone and now I can't get enough of. I have grown more in the few weeks I have been working on this mural than I have in the last year. I send my thanks to Juarez Machado and hope that he would be flattered with my attempts to learn at his canvas.