Monday, August 17, 2009

"Life's Illusion" - A working title

Finally having finished my latest work I feel relieved and pleased with the end result. Most of my work gives the impression of positive emotions, exploring the more upbeat aspects of human nature. I consider my work to be the visual respit needed when confronted with art designed to inflame and/or evoke other more intense emotional responses. However my new work wanted to be expressed in a less than positive light. The imagery demanded to be painted honestly. The male figure is portrayed as coveting what he believes to be perfection (possibilities of perfection include her as a woman or perhaps an artistic /musical ideal). This illusion is strengthened by her desire to extended the illusion for as long as possible. The clock above them is the constant reminder that all illusions have a time limit. Ultimately we see behind the masks we wear. Having been so blunt with the painting I do wish to state that while we all want to present to the world the "mask" of perfection, strength and confidence often our flaws are what set us apart and make us interesting. In new relationships (in whichever form they take) when the "honeymoon" phase ends is when the real fun begins!


  1. I in a previous comment by questions of language was not very well understood
    the question of the mural that you painted, I was very impressed with his technique very well.
    I am now also impressed with his new job, I like , the colors and composition.
    I found it very amazing detail of the clock.
    My congratulations for this beautiful work.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate the praise. I know we have a language barrier so please forgive me if I have misunderstood. I just want to make sure you understand that I painted the mural and the most recent painting using techniques I learned from study Juarez Machado. Again, thank you so much for the compliments.

  3. Love your new work, and your description of it . . . so much forethought. I've posted your URL on my blog page, see it for yourself at