Friday, June 19, 2009

My Latest painting

It is finally finished. I started this painting about 8 weeks ago. Once I got the underpainting finished I couldn't for the life of me figure out what to do next. The imagery had no meaning for me. It was just a vase with (at the time)some very abstract flowers. After reading several other blogs by various artists I realized the problem: it HAS to have meaning for me. So I thought...and thought...and thought. Still nothing. Eventually I figured out that it wasn't about flowers at all but balance. Understanding that for all we focus on the outside, the inside needs the same attention.

I met a fellow in Fremont who saw even more than I did. For me, that equates success.

As for the painting challenges: as the painting evolved, my mother had the great idea of adding water. Well seven hours later I figured out how to paint a water drop that looks like water. 12 hours after that I figured out how to make a puddle...8 hours after that I figured out how paint reasonably realistic water inside the vase allowing for a greater recognition of depth. Bottom line, even if the painting doesn't go over well, I learned a lot. Isn't that the point after all?

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  1. great work : )

    the more your study the mundane things in your world, the less mundane they will be. they will accumulate in your work and make it pop, because the best fiction (and in it's own way, representational art is fiction) is based on reality.