Friday, June 5, 2009

Finding the right art printer

When I started out in the art business 8 years ago I thought that reproducing my images would be a snap. Of all the trials and tribulation that I have been through, reproduction has been my nemesis, until now.

I have finally found the ultimate printer. His name is Steve Strickland and he owns and One site is geared for the artist and reproductions while the other is geared toward the retail and commercial markets interested in purchasing art. (By the way he is interested in abstract artists for his genesis stable)

Back to the point; Steve has a wonderful eye and fantastic equipment. He just did prints for me on his new 12 color printer and they are amazing. He uses the best paper and canvas material. To say that I have finally found someone who listens to me and creates a quality product is an understatement.

If you are an artist who would like further info just let me know.

Thanks Steve for all your hard work.

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